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vFramework is a computer environment that is armed with sophisticated scrutiny measures used by many large companies. We have created it to provide SMBs who need computer security to protect their clients and employees, but do not have the bandwidth to build one on premise from the ground up.


Our Approach


When you sign on with vFramework, we analyze your existing IT set up and learn about your business needs. We’d provide you with a set of security options that you’d need to fully protect your software and valuable data files. We would assemble your secured computer environment on the vFramework platform using various structural and security modules we have painstakingly and carefully fabricated. Your employees can access your secured computer desktop and your data files in our cloud using Windows/Mac computers, tablets, and mobile phones. 

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What you can expect

You still use the same software applications you always use and own. vFramework cloud platform is designed to work cohesively with many popular 3rd party cloud products (e.g. Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps) that you rely on. You buy into an operational computer environment and lose the trouble of owning and running it all.


Here’s what it lets you do

You can relax. There’s a better kind of relationship for a business to have with IT, one that is safe and easier to manage. And this is it! You can let go the efforts and worries, improve cash flow, and spend time on other parts of your business … and sleep well at night knowing that your computer environment is secured and data safe.


Here’s why people work with us

Getting started is easy and painless, the learning curve is a gentle one. On top of everything else, we’re cost effective. Our clients love taking cloud savings and reinvesting them in other business areas including innovation. They feel safe knowing that their business IT environment and data will be there come the next Hurricane Sandy or WannaCry cryptoworm.


Major risks faced by businesses mitigatable by vFramework product

a. Cybersecurity – insufficient technical expertise to monitor, detect, and deal with cyberattacks.
b. Recovery – absence or inadequate data protection and recovery plan.
c. Disruptions – Unable to access IT resources when a major computer infection happens on premise.

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vFramework Team

We draw our talents from across the world. Our team comprises of members from different regions in the US and different countries (e.g., Singapore, Taiwan, Argentina, etc.). We believe we can assemble a strong team when we draw expertise from different cultures and experiences to develop and provide our products.



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Kok-Hoon Teo (co-founder), who has helped build essential infrastructure systems for some of the world's most respected and best-managed government IT systems. His pioneering work includes developing key encryption systems and versatile cloud systems. His clients include Singapore's Ministry of Manpower, Land Transport Authority, Tourism Board, and Infocomm Development Authority. Kok-Hoon's passion for IT strategy began with his studies in computer science at the University of Pennsylvania.


Kenneth Ong (co-founder),who has over a decade of experience running an IT management consultancy—the basis for vFramework's vision and his passion for shaping better ways of dealing with IT management and cybersecurity. Through his work with leading organizations, Cheng has become an expert at maximizing returns on technology investment via holistic perspectives and operations. Lea & Perrins, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and Volunteers of America are among his clients.