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What is vFramework’s business vision?

Companies can rely on a single cloud platform to operate on a minimal in-house technology and IT management structure to run their businesses.

What is vFramework?

vFramework is a cloud product designed for businesses to replace costly on-site servers and desktops. By using vFramework, businesses can move at least 90% of its in-house technology out of the office and into the cloud without fragmenting its technology structure. In doing so, companies simplify their in-house computer infrastructures and minimize costs by adopting a more streamlined and simple hardware structure of laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and printers.

What businesses would benefit the most from vFramework?

vFramework appeals to companies that are not interested in dealing with on-going headaches of having in-house IT, and wish to retain the same IT resources that they rely on to power their business operations.

How do I access vFramework?

You can access vFramework through a web browser or a software application on your computing devices.

Why is vFramework a superior concept over Microsoft Office 365

vFramework allows you to move away from a desktop-centric business computing structure. There are many benefits when this happens. For example, desktop computer replacements and software updates at your offices become less critical when you use vFramework.

Why is vFramework more appropriate for businesses over Amazon Web Services (i.e., AWS)?

vFramework is ready for your business right out of the box. No 3rd party technology professionals are required to set up and maintain your vFramework environment.

How do I get started?

vFramework requires some system information from you. To kick things off, you’ll need to set up an appointment with one of our vFramework Technology Reframers to work on transitioning over to your vFramework.

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